What is Fortitude?

  • Fortitude is a proactive community response to some of these challenges faced by diverse folks living in rural Northern Colorado.

What does Fortitude do?

  • Fortitude’s social & educational activities fill a void in community organizing/building that has for the most part left the GBQQT men of the region out completely.
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About Fortitude

Fortitude is a community driven, community lead program that
operates in NE Colorado, primarily in Greeley & Fort Collins. Fortitude’s  primarily purpose is to create safe spaces for
Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Questioning and Transgender men to meet, socialize,
dialogue, learn and share with one another in environments outside of those
that have been created for us (i.e. bars, websites, bookstores, bathhouses,
etc.). Fortitude hosts two to three monthly social events focused on strengthening
the ties that connect the GBQQT men of NE Colorado while simultaneously
functioning to meet the social support needs of the community.  Additionally, once every other month Fortitude
hosts a dinner & GBQQT men’s discussion group series focused on health
& wellbeing topics specific to GBQQT men. As a Colorado HIV/AIDS Prevention
Program (CHAPP), Fortitude follows a proven method of community building that
inherently reduces the spread of the HIV among community members as well as reducing
the stigma related to HIV by providing GBQQT men with opportunities to meet in
casual, fun, sex-positive, drug & alcohol free, social environments where
hooking-up is not the primary intention of meeting. This method is effective
because:  When we meet face-to-face; When
we learn about each other’s lives; When our relationships begin as peers and
friends; When we belong; We build the respect and the strength to better care
for ourselves, our friends & our community while and inherently become more
willing & better prepared to have the “tough conversations” when/if our
friendships/associations develop to include sexual experiences.

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