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Hepatitis C is a virus that can cause the liver to become inflamed. It is spread through blood-to-blood contact and is the most common blood-borne infection in the U.S.

It is commonly spread through sharing needles and equipment used to inject drugs. Hepatitis C can also be spread through blood transfusions before 1992, repeated unprotected sex with a partner that is living with Hepatitis C and non-professional tattoos or piercings. Hepatitis C is not spread by casual contact, like hugging, coughing or sharing food or drinks.

Hepatitis C Testing

 Unlike the rapid HIV test, the Hepatitis C test must be sent to a lab for analysis.  Results can take up to 2-3 weeks to receive. We will call you when your results are available, so you do not have to come back into the office for a return appointment.  Like all of NCAP’s services, the test and counseling session are confidential, science-based, and medically accurate.  The test is performed using a finger-stick. It can take up to six months after contracting Hepatitis C for your body to produce antibodies as a reaction to the virus.  The test methodology looks for the antibodies in your system, not the virus itself. It is recommended that you wait six months after possible exposure to get tested to make sure your results are as accurate as possible.  If you have repeated exposures, a more frequent testing schedule is recommended. Please call our office at (970) 484-4469 to see if you qualify for a test.  For additional resources for Hepatitis C you can contact Hep C Connection either by calling 1-800-522-HEPC or visiting their website, www.hepc-connection.org.