Please make a tax-deductible donation to NCAP today: 970-484-4469 or visit PayPal to make a secure online donation. In order to restrict your gift to the Northern Colorado AIDS Project service region, please mention NCAP in the comments box. Thank you!

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As a first-line resource for case management and prevention of HIV/AIDS in Northern Colorado, NCAP works to improve the quality of life for people living with HIV and AIDS and helps reduce the spread and stigma of the disease. This cannot be done alone, and your help is greatly needed and appreciated.

Your help may be as a volunteer, as an intern and advisor, and as a donor. We need your advocacy and your participation in addressing the changing face of HIV/AIDS. Perhaps you’ve lost a friend or a family member to AIDS. Or maybe you simply have a desire to help one of the 10,000 Coloradans with HIV. We encourage your support and efforts.

Your monetary donation provides our clients:

  • $10-- One prescription co-pay
  • $25-- One hour of mental health counseling
  • $50-- One hundred twenty-five meals for clients
  • $100-- Transportation to HIV-speciality medical care appointments
  • $250-- Ten rapid HIV tests
  • $500-- Dental care for a client for one year or eviction prevention for one client
  • $1,000-- Intake, assessment, wellness plan, and get a newly diagnosed person into care and treatment for one year

Please consider helping us complete our wish list for the following items through cash or material donations. 
NCAP Wish List:

  • One year supply of copier paper
  • Gift certificates to Food Bank for Larimer County
  • Privacy dividers for our Greeley office
  • Funding for sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing
  • New computer server
  • Volunteers for client transportation
  • New desktop computer